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Born in Niagara Falls, Canada, and educated in Toronto, Melanie Davis has been running her own art business, Valkyria, since she completed her studies in diverse media at the Ontario College of Art and Design, and in jewellery arts at George Brown College. More recently, she completed a course at Toronto Image Works, where she studied digital graphics for print and web, and created this, her own website.

She markets her drawings and paintings in the form of cards and prints, and also designs and manufactures lines of jewellery in silver, based on various themes: ranging from historical and mythological, to personal statements, and the depiction of creatures of nature, such as insects.

Also, she has written and illustrated five chapbooks, varying in style from illustrated fiction, to cartoon form, to metaphoric prose, which she self-publishes. She is presently working on translating, from French to English, the works of the poet and author Renée Vivien, which she is illustrating as well.

For the past several years she has been promoting her work at various shows, through stores, and via a mail-order catalogue. It can now be ordered through this site.